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Lilies and Cannonballs Review
KAKALAK: An Anthology of Carolina Poets
Blood Orange Review

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Cycling & Travel Websites:

Adventure Cycling Association’s Routes (on google maps)
Beat Hei
Cape Fear Cyclists – Wilmington, NC
Kyle Archer’s Bike Journey
Couch Surfing
Crazy Guy on a Bike Travel Journals
Nicolai Bangsgaard’s Around the World Bike Trip
The Vogels – A Family on Bikes
Global Travel Clinic Directory
Lonely Planet
Online Bike Touring Info Archive
Cycling Tibet
South American Bicycle Touring Links
Andrew Morgan (Teacher on Two Wheels)
Vik Banerjee (The Lazy Randonneur )
Peter Gostelow
Peter Gostelow’s Big Africa Cycle
The Touring Store
Andrew & Friedel (Travelling Two)
US State Department Travel Information
Michèle and Benoît’s World Tour by Bicycle
Velomad (Hospitality for Touring Cyclists)
Eric and Amaya (World Biking: 80 Countries, 80,000 km)
World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Cycling Nomads Cycling the Silk Road
Simon Mitchell (Keep on Cycling)
Pedal the Globe
Brian 브라이안 Perich (Cycling, Teaching, Living South Korea

Other Friends:

Shawna Kenney
Emily and Ben’s Parenthood with Two Beans
Erin Seabolt Bond
Daisy Barringer
The Life and Times of Jarvis Slacks
Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour
77 Santas (PC and JV’s Music for the Holidays)
Matt McGinnis’ What are you drinking?


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