The Things I Carry

Gear List

(* = Still Need)


2 Pair Cycling Shorts
1 Pair Board/Swimming Shorts
1 Wool Long Underwear
1 Wool Ibex Long Sleeve Shirt
2 Short Sleeve Cycling Shirts
1 Short Sleeve Shirt for off bike
1 Light Weight Long Sleeve Shirt
2 Mountain Hardware Mesa Convertible Pants
2 Pair Wool Socks
1 Showers Pass Touring Rain Jacket w/ Hood
1 Pair Rain Pants
2 Pair Cycling Gloves (Fingerless, Med. Full-fingered)
1 Pair Merino Wool Boxer Shorts
2 ExOfficio Boxer Shorts
1 Cap
1 Balaclava
1 Helmet
1 Pair of Sunglasses
1 Suunto Vector Watch
1 Seal Skinz Water Proof Socks
1 Pair Keen Cycling Sandals
1 Pair Specialized Tahoe Cycling Shoes


1 Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent
1 Big Agnes Mystic SL Sleeping Bag
1 Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
1 Big Anges Insulated Air Core Sleep Pad
1 MSR Dragonfly Stove
1 REI Cookware
1 Titanium Spork
1 Swiss Army Knife
Camp Pillows
1 Coffee Press
1 Fuel Bottle
2 Stainless Steel Water Bottles
2 Plastic Water Bottles
1 Katadyn Pocket Water Purifier
1 Head Lamp
1 Quick Dry Towel
1 MSR 4 Liter (1Gal) Dromlite Water Bladder
* 40′(?) Rope

For the Bike:

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Rear Panniers
Ortlieb Front Roller Plus Panniers
Ortlieb Rack Bag and Handlebar Bag
1 Bell
1 Headlight
1 Taillight
4 Water Bottle Cages
1 Cateye Strada Bicycle Computer
Bungee Cords
Cable Lock
Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump w/ Gauge


1 Small Leatherman
1 Bicycle Multi Tool
1 HyperCracker Cassette Tool
1 Master Link
2 Patch Kit
1 Compass
* 4 Spare Spokes (2 Drive side, 2 Non-drive side)
Spare Brake Pads (Enough To Replace all once.)
Tire Levers
Spare Tubes
Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
1 Brake and Deraileur Cables
Misc Bolts and Washers


* Business Cards
1 Tooth Brush
1 First Aid Kit
1 Pack of Zip Ties
Overseas Indian Citizen Card
Immunization Card
ATM/Debit Card
Credit Card (Emergency)
Chamois Cream
Mini Sewing Kit


1 Canon G9 Digital Camera
3 Rechargeable Batteries
1 Telephoto Lens w/converter
Multiple Memory Cards
Memory Card Case
1 Asus EEE Computer (solid state drive)
1 Iphone with charger
1 Battery Operated Beard Trimmer
Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
1 GoPro HD Video Camera
1 Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS w/ maps
1 Gorillapod Tripod
1 250 GB External Hard Drive Storage



  1. Wow man, you have a lot of stuff listed. This is going to be an epic trip. I am stoked to keep in touch.

    • I know, a lot of stuff! I’ll try to weed some of it out, I hope. Are you still planning on a trip this summer?

  2. Toilet Paper/Wet Naps

    • Good call, DA. Some of that stuff is covered in First-aid kit and I just didn’t itemize.

  3. Wow. It is a great list, and i am sure it will be very much usefull for other people who is planning a trip like yours.
    But only by a quick look it seems like you carry everything! ๐Ÿ™‚ it must be hard to carry all that weight along the road.

  4. You might put “bike” in front of “lube”.

    • Who said it was for the bike? ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I should put KY in front of it? HA.

  5. Hello Eric,
    I am the person that met you at the Cracker Barrel in Powersville, SC the other day. WOW I did know you had so many items strapped to that Bicycle….. How are you doing and where are you today??? We Pray that your trip goes well and that you will be safe all the way…. May God Bless and keep you in His care always.
    “Have a JESUS filled day”

    Your friend,

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