Nothing to do with questions, I just like it. My family and me in Germany, July 1971. From Left to Right: Kirti, Omi, Me, Mom, Stephan, Roger.

Why would you want to do something like this?

It’s an adventure and I want adventure. I don’t want to regret not doing things I want to do; it’s an opportunity to learn and grow in a way most people, I think, would hesitate.  This online journal will be the means in which I will document my trip.

Why on a bicycle?

I believe in bicycles as transportation, not merely as toys. Traveling by bicycle is a more intimate experience than in a car or train and, not least of all; it is cheap means of travel.

Have you attempted something like this before?

Yes. In 2007, I had planned something similar to this, but starting in Ireland. I cut the trip short for various reasons. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity for a second go.

Are you going by yourself?

For the most part, I will be traveling alone, but I am open to anyone riding with me at any point for any amount of time.

How long does it take?

I’m planning on taking 3 to 4 months to travel across the United States. From there, I will fly to India to meet up with my father and spend time with him and other family members and then cycle India for 3 months. After, I am planning to visit Southeast Asia then I am not sure where I will go. I anticipate to be traveling for 2 +/- years, but I am open to modifying any portion of this trip.

Where will you sleep?

I plan to camp as much as possible to save money. In addition, I hope to use warmshowers.org, couchsurfing.com, wwoof.org and volunteering opportunities. Hotels in western countries can get expensive, so I will utilize them only when necessary, but in India and Southeast Asia, the cost will be more manageable.

When you bike for long distances, where do you put your stuff: clothes and a toothbrush and things like that?

My bicycle is equipped to hold panniers (bag that hang off the side of the bike via racks). I will have 2 off the front wheel, 2 off the rear wheel, a duffel-type bag on top of the rear panniers and a small handlebar bag, well, on the handlebars.

What is your daily budget?

After researching and following other people traveling the world in the same manner, such as travellingtwo.com and theargonauts.com, I estimate a $20 USD per day budget, but we’ll see if that comes to fruition. Of course, some countries are more expensive than others, so the estimate is just that.

Who is paying for all of this?

I am. After owning a house for nearly 17 years, I sold it, paid off all my debt, sold or gave away many processions and saved money. By my departure date of June 6, I hope to have $20,000 (or more) USD saved up.

What is this The Fully Belly Project thing and why is it all over your journal?

Full Belly is a small non-profit based out of Wilmington, NC, my hometown. Their mission: The Full Belly Project designs and distributes income-generating agricultural devices to improve life in developing countries.  In making this trip more about just myself, I hope to spread awareness and raise funds by speaking to schools, churches, community organizations and anyone else who will listen. Donations will be accepted through my journal once I have the links plugged in, but until then, please visit their website: The Full Belly Project.

What happens after you’re done?

I’ll let you know when I figure it out and if you have any ideas, my ears are open.



  1. Hey Eric –
    You plan to travel the world sound invigorating and awesome! I love that you are going to update everyone through this journal.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. are you gone from fb?

    • For now, I am gone from FB.

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