Bike – Thorn Sherpa

arrived safely.

a little peek


the wheels on the bike go round-n-round, round-n-round

the minimalist



Thorn Sherpa

with a new hair-do


smiling for the camera

flaunting her stuff

the booty shot

The specs as of today:

Thorn Sherpa Frame – 560 S
Shimano XT Cassette 11-34
Shimano XT Crankset 22-32-44
Shimano XT Front/Rear Derailleur
Shimano XT Hubs 36-hole
Shimano XT Shifters
Sram 991 Chain
Marathon HS 368 26×1.5 Tires
Sun Rhyno Lite Rims
Swiss DT Spokes
Trekking Handlebar
Thorn Handlebar Accessory Stem
No-name Stem
Shimano XT Brakes
Shimano XT Brake Levers
FSA Headset
Thorn Seat post
Brooks Champion Flyer Special Saddle
Shimano PD-M324 SPD
Planet Bike Cascadia
Tubus Logo Rear Rack
Tubus Ergo Low Rider Front Rack


  1. […] Bike – Thorn Sherpa […]

  2. Hi there,

    That’s a lovely looking ride! Me and my fiancée are bother riding sherpas on our trip accross North and West Africa, and they’re amazing! Your carrying racks look unfamiliar though, didn’t you use the ones made by Thorn? Can that stand hold up the bike when it’s fully loaded? Cheers

    • Thank you. Took a look at your blog: amazing. The racks are Tubus, German made. I had to piece the bike together when I built it so at the time I couldn’t afford the Thorn racks. Found a good deal on the Tubus when started looking for them. Good luck on your trip.

  3. Hi,

    nice bike. Maybe I’ll take the same one…
    Ääähm, what is that T-thing under the handlebar for?


    • The T bar is to hang the handlebar bag from. It frees up a little more room on the handlebars for other gadgets. Bought it here:

  4. Ok. That makes sense. Thanks.

  5. Ääähm, one other thing: the Thorn-Website said, that the maximum Weight for the front is 8kg and for the rear Fork 20kg. Is that really the maximum? Or is there another limit? It seems very little to me, the additional weight limit.
    What was your maximum weight you put on the front and rear bags?

    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Not sure how much weight I had per fork, but it was more than the 8kg and 20kg. At one point I weighed the bike and all the gear together, which came about to around 52kg (115 pounds). I’m assuming the bike alone weighs around 18kg (40 lbs).

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