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Contact: ericvithalani at gmail dot com

This blog is intended to document my  bicycle ride across the United States and other countries (India, SE Asia, China, Tibet, Africa, anywhere I decide to go).  My departure date is set for June 20.

This is a personal blog, which sometimes relates narratives from my daily life. When the anonymity of those referenced is compromised by readers’ comments, the post(s) or comment(s) will be deleted at my discretion.



  1. Hi Eric, I’m friends with Lisa Tew and the other gals who are running across N.C. in Sept. and saw your video interview with Lisa. I’m also a hiker, biker and marathon runner so would love to hear about your adventures. Especially if/when you head to India or Tibet. One of the things at the top of the list my girlfriend and I have made is to get to basecamp at Everest. Hopefully sometime within the next couple years. Good luck with your journey, and I’m looking forward to tracking your progress.


    • Thanks for the well wishes, Larry. India should be interesting. Have you checked out crazyguyonabike.com? There are a bunch of touring journals over there. a bunch in India too. I remember reading about an Everest basecamp ride but don’t remember who did it. I bet you could search that site and find it.

  2. Hi Eric,

    that is definetely two hot for cycling!!!
    I absolutely understand that you make a break!
    I was on a short cycling tour last week (only 6 days)and I also had 95 F the first 2 days. I rarely made any mile and thought I was an 100 year-old-grandma.
    And then 1100 miles in 30 days? You must be a sportsman!

    Good look on you further trips whatever your plans are the next months before India…

    I still can recommend the biking tour from Vancouver to San Fransisco… It is definetly colder there…and the hiker-biker-camp-sites are only 1-4 dollar the night…
    But be aware of vampires an werewolfs closed to Forks…

    Take care an good luck


  3. I have a whole different view of who you are and what you are about. I think you are awesome and wish you the best!

  4. Nice pictures!

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