Posted by: ericvithalani | January 3, 2011

“No one will really know what Brian was thinking or feeling.”

So today, while on a 5 hour drive from point A to point B, I scanned through radio stations as I tend to do when zipping down the highway at 76mph. Every now and then, admittedly, I stop on Sweet Home Alabama or Dancing Queen and jam out for a bit. Today I by-passed my favorite southern-disco-metal-hip-hop songs and found the local NPR station. This American Life was on. I caught the beginning of a new series called ‘Say Anything.’ I listened. I was blown away by the first act: ‘How To Write a Note.’ It’s an uncompromising, power story.

From This American Life:
This story wasn’t originally made to broadcast on a radio show. It’s a tape made by a guy named Jake Warga, who’d never put anything together for radio. He made it to give to his friend Brian, who wanted to kill himself. After Brian tried to overdose, Jake took him out to a park bench to talk, and brought along a recorder. Later, Jake decided to edit the conversation down and give it to Brian as a gift, hoping that if Brian heard what he was saying, if he heard how he sounded, it might stop him from trying again.

Listen to the story here.
24 minute run time.
I suggest not clicking on the link below because there is a spoiler to the story.
Original web post is linked here.


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