Posted by: ericvithalani | December 31, 2010

I hate end of year lists,

so here are a couple.

2010 Recap:
1. Sold my house
2. Quit my jobs
3. Rode a bicycle from coastal North Carolina to Western Kentucky
4. Traveled to India
5. Finished a poetry manuscript and sent it out. (continues in the new year)
6. Quit the Facebooks
7. Conquered my irrational fear of Oprah
8. A bunch of other stuff.

Little video of my time in India

2011 Possibilities:
1. New college teaching gig
2. Live oceanfront
3. Write a new novel
4. Surf a lot more (see number 2)
5. South America trip
6. Publish the poetry book
7. Bicycle
8. Blog makeover and more posts
9. Establish an irrational fear of Oprah’s new network
10. A bunch of other stuff

Happy New Year

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