Posted by: ericvithalani | July 18, 2010

Day 29 Update – 1480km (920 mi/es) cyc/ed

quick update:
*got computer prob/ems & getting them phixed in a phew days (keyboard is messed up)

*meeting up with 4 other touring cyc/ists in a coupe o days – /ooking phorward to the company

some pictures – Tennessee – descriptions & edits to come – c/ick 4
Slide Show of Tennessee or Link to Tennessee set



  1. Hey Eric, just heard from my nephew who is riding from Washington state to Key West with a group called Cycling for Change. They’re raising money and awareness for hunger in America. Although I’m in NY now, they’re in their, and my hometown of Kansas City today then take off for St. Louis tomorrow.
    Doubtful that you’ll cross paths, but you’re not out there alone. They started on Memorial Day and plan on arriving in Key West on Labor Day.
    Hope you get your computer up and running, STAY hydrated!!! Good luck.

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