Posted by: ericvithalani | July 7, 2010

Day 18 Update – 859km (533 miles)

Day 11, June 30: Shelby, NC to Spartanburg, Sc 64 km (40 Miles)
Day 12, July 1: Spartanburg, SC to Greenville, SC 54km (34 Miles)
Day 13, July 2: In Greenville, Sc
Day14, July 3 : Greenvlle,SC to Hartwell Lake, GA 96 km (60 Miles)

Slide Show of South Carolina and Link to South Carolina set

Day 15, July 4: Hartwell Lake, GA to Athens, GA 89km (53 Miles)
Day 16, July 5: Athens, GA to Lawrenceville, GA 70 km (43 Miles)
Day 17, July 6: Lawrenceville, GA To Mariette, GA 70 km (43 Miles)
Day 18, July 7: In Mariette, GA

Slide Show of Georgia (more to come) and Link to Georgia set (more to come)

*Favorite things I have with me: GPS, French Press, Bike Mirror, the crazy cycling sandal tan I’ve acquired (see picture) and Nutella.

*Favorite area cycled so far: Greenville to Hartwell was a very nice, mostly the scenery and the weather around 80 or a little higher with a nice tail wind) played a big part in that.

*Strangest person met: William, a Lumbee Indian, in Red Springs, NC. Ex-con (11 years in prison) who “really likes Percocet” and is “a good person” without it. He was shot once. Went in his stomach and out his back. Stay good, William.

*Hardest bit of cycling so far is a 3-way tie. 1. In and out of Athens, Ga. I had no idea that those hills were coming and it took me by surprise. 2. In Uwharrie National Forest. I took a wrong turn and ended up cycling some gravel roads with crazy, steep grades. The hills weren’t long, but steep and a little dicey. 3. The second day in the 100+F heat to Lumberton, NC.

*Flat tires: 0

*Number of people in North Carolina without front teeth: too many to count

*Most dangerous section cycled: Lawerenceville to Duluth. Horrible roads and horrible traffic. After Duluth, it was nice riding.

*Strangest look: Out of Uwharrie, I was grinding up a steep, little hill when an old guy in a sea-foam green, older pick-up truck driving the opposite way slows down, leans out of the window and shakes his head at me. I smiled and waved.

*Other touring cyclists seen: 3. Talked to 1. Saw the other two at a busy intersection, so didn’t get to stop and talk.

*Free cans of Coke: 2 give by a group of kids who were raising money for something. A trip or something?

*Dead Armadillos: 1

*Dead Deer: 4 (2 were Bambie-like) i thought there would be a lot more.

*Regrets: 1. Eating burritos at mid-day with 40km (25ish miles) to ride

Number of times bitten by ants: 4

*Thumbs up, waves and nods: A ridiculous amount. I was surprised how many people who ride motorcycles would do the little hand gesture (wave) they do to each other to me. Riding on rural roads, car and truck drives like to wave and, what I assume as cyclists, will give me the thumbs up. I have to admit, it’s a nice feeling when I get the little hellos from other people on the roads.

*What I have planned for the next few days:
Day 19: Marietta to near Rome, Ga. (40ish miles on the
Silver-Comet Trail) Really looking forward to cycling this.
Day 20: Rome to Mentone, Al
Day 21: Mentone to Woodville, AL
Day 22: Woodville to Huntsville, Al.



  1. The tan from your sandals is pretty awesome! Can’t wait to see more pictures, stay safe!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Eric – wish I had known you’d be in Athens. I could’ve bought you a beer! Safe travels across the rest of our fine state. If you have time in Rome, you should really cycle over to Berry College – my alma mater. Prettiest campus on the planet.

    • I thought you were in another part of the state for some reason. Would have been good to see you. Next time for sure. Berry College campus: noted.

  3. The fraternity of two-wheeled freedom spanning bikes to motorcycles is damned fine. Those nodes and finger tilts make a mile a little sweeter.

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