Posted by: ericvithalani | June 22, 2010

Lake Waccamaw, NC to Lumberton, NC

*83.60km (51.83 miles). Total: 171.5 km (106.33 miles) June 21, 2010

Not a lot happened today.  Quiet country roads for the most part and stopped at  every convenient store, over the 50ish miles I road, to steal some air conditioning. Ended up in a hotel in the end with a large pizza and then just the box.

Lesson of the day: locals have the skinny on roads.  I talked to a woman at one of the stores and asked about the route I was planning on taking. She told me about a better, less desolate, route.  It worked out nicely.

Catching some rest and shade at a Vol. Fire Dept.

Rules for the shooting range at the Vol. Fire Dept.

Fox Farm

The long and unwinding road


  1. Feeling “free” thru these pics and updates already. 🙂

    • Thanks for checking it out, Gina

  2. this is so cool.

  3. COOL

  4. Wow, great shots.

  5. So fabulous, Eric–I’m thrilled your trip has begun! Please be careful! And thanks for posting. It’s great to live vicariously, especially since I’m pretty sure that much physical exertion, especially in summer, would promptly kill me.

  6. So glad you’re chronicling this. It didn’t seem like you brought a computer (from your thing you carry list) so how are you blogging?

  7. Oh, that my Schwinn could make such a trip! I’m jealous of all the cool backroads stuff you’re seeing. Love the pics. Please keep posting.

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