Posted by: ericvithalani | May 26, 2010

25 Days. The Swell Season. Links.

Holy crap. 25 Days to go.

And I added some travel, cycling and random/entertaining website’s from people who I know and don’t hate to the links tab. Check’em out. If you have one and want me to add it to the list. I can do that as long as I don’t hate you.

Random: Saw The Swell Season at the NC Museum of Art recently. Two songs from that groovy show.

‘Low Rising’

‘Into the Mystic’



  1. hey best of luck 4 your voyage..i hope i see you in India on bicycle and not on any other transportation. . i hope you succeed. .

    • Thanks, Saloni. I’m looking forward to coming back to India and to see everyone there.

  2. Hey wish you a Happy safe and Peaceful Journey……… Hope to see You @ Mumbai
    Chirag Thakkar
    Mumbai (India)

    • Thanks, Chirag. I should be in Mumbai at some point with my dad. Looking forward to see you there. Best.

  3. Now only 2 more days please take care of yourself and ride safely……….
    “END” is not end.. In fact “E.N.D” is “Effort Never.Dies”. “NO” is not denial . . . “N.O” is “Next Opportunity”. . . B Optimistic!!


    Chirag Thakkar

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