Posted by: ericvithalani | January 21, 2010

150 days to go.

It’s 150 days out until I shove off. What’s that mean? Eh, not too much, really, besides that it’s one day closer than 151 and one day further than 149.

Recent news:

1. A friend will be riding with me for half of the U.S. portion. He’s planning on coming back to Wilmington after we reach St. Louis or there about.

2. I switched out my handlebars and shifters/brake levers. I’m liking the setup. Pictures here

3. Still trying to figure out what I have and what I need concerning the gear list, but I think I’m pretty close to everything I need/want.

4. My budget goal for the trip is coming along nicely and feel pretty good about reaching it.

5. Bird flu can survive 150 days in water.

6. I’m feeling good about this whole ridiculous thing.


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